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Exporting to Excel

So you would like to export the database for use in Excel. OK, the instructions provided below will show you how to do it, but first you will have to download and install a free application called PDBExplorer. Although these instructions show how to export STime, the process is the same for the other applications.

When you run PDBExplorer the first time, select Options, then Preferences and set the "default directory" to your handheld's backup folder. It will be located in the Program Files folder, then Palm desktop folder, then your user folder, then the backup folder. I use a Sony Clie so my path is C:\Program Files\Sony Handheld\Bruce\Backup.

Folder preference

Then you can open the STimeDB.PDB file. Before you do, make sure you have at least one pay card with all fields filled in, especially the Note field. Of course you should have hotsync'd your handheld after entering data into the STime program for this file to be available to you.

When you open the file for the first time it will prompt if you need to change any of the fields to multi-line since it doesn't know if there are any. The Note field is a multi-line field. Find the Note field in the list then double click in the Display Type field and choose MEMO. Then click on the red check mark. You only need to do this once.

Memo change

Now click the OK button. All of your records should be displayed. However they will not be in any particular order. When writing databases on a Palm device all the data is in reverse order from what you would expect. The first field is usually the last field. I still haven't figured out how PDA Toolbox does this but I know it works. So let's reorganize the fields into this order.

Select File, then properties and then the Fields tab and a similar dialog will appear like before except now there is a restructure checkbox. Check it and you will be able to move fields up and down in the list.


Place them in this order:

Date - is the date for the entry
Pdat - is the pay end date
Stim - is the start time
Etim - is the end time
Lunc - is the minutes for lunch (break)
Hour - is the calculated hours
Rat2 - is the pay rate
Damt - is the calculated pay
Note - is the note field

The other fields are fields that were necessary to perform the hours and calculated pay for the day and should be ignored. Don't remove them, just ignore them. You can remove them in Excel after you import your .CSV file. Click the OK button and the data should be displayed in the order listed above. If you want to change the columns that's fine. I thought this would make the most logical order.

Only problem with restructuring the data is you have to do it every time you want to export it. But that shouldn't really be a problem since you wouldn't be doing it that often.

Once you have the data in this order or any order that you choose you can export it to a .CSV file that you can then open in Excel, add any formulas to make other computations and print.

Database view

After you export your data to a .CSV file exit the PDBExplorer program. Please be sure to answer "No" to the dialog box that asks if you want to save your database. If you DO NOT answer "No" it is very possible that all of your data will be lost. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Save Dialog


Now you can open the .CSV file in Excel and add formulas for other calculations and/or print the information.

Although these instructions explain how to export the STime database you could export any of the other databases from the applications I wrote using these instructions. Just be sure not to save the database after restructuring it. Thanks and have fun!