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MyReminder (4.0) Online Manual

Click image to download a demo My Reminder is a handwriting note taking application that will allow you to set reminders on the Palm OS.

With My Reminder you can mark your notes as complete when you are done with them.




Version History:

Version 4.0 adds the following new features: Menu selection of pen widths. Select flood fill color. Select alternating row color on View All screen. New Category editor. Now fully OS 5 compatible.

Version 3.0 adds the following new features: Color themes, ability to sort the database in ascending or descending order and beam current record.

Version 2.0 you can now add a category to each note and filter on the category in the View All screen. Also gray scale color support has been added.

Help is available for each screen by selecting the silkscreen Menu icon and selecting Help from the menu that displays.

The menus have options to display other forms, change pen color and help screens.

The evaluation version will expire in 30-days.



Hotsync the Myrem Installer.prc file to your PDA.

You will see an icon called InstMyRem in the PDABruce category.

Select this icon to install and launch MyReminder. Several files will be extracted from the archive and the archive will delete itself.

MyReminder will automatically run once the installer has completed.

When you exit the program you will see the MyReminder program icon.

Prior to installing

After installing

When you start MyReminder for the first time a 30-Day Trial screen appears. Once you purchase and install the registered product this screen will no longer show.
The first screen that appears is the My Reminder screen is where you enter your records. Tap the New button and fill out the screen.

Draw your note using the stylus in the Digital ink field.

Click in the Date field to select a date for this note.

Click in the Time field to select a time for this note.

Click in the Notify Time field to set an alarm for this note selecting the date and time.

Click in the Title field to enter text that will display on the View All screen.

Select a category from the drop down list at the top of the form.

When the note has been completed you can check the Complete check box.

Note: You can select the pen width and pen color as well as flood fill the Digital Ink area from the Options menu of this screen.


  • |< - to view first record
  • < - to view previous record
  • > - to view the next record
  • >| - to view the last record
  • New - to create a new record
  • Del - to delete the current record
  • All - to display all records
  • Beam - to beam the current record to another device running MyReminder
My Reminder screen

Menu View

The View All screen displays the all of the notes you have stored.The Date, Title and Complete status displays.

Select a category from the drop down to display only reminders of that type.


  • Back - return to the Edit screen
  • Note - edit the selected note

Select a transaction in the list to edit/delete the entry.

View All

Filtered View

The Enter Categories screen allows you to add/edit values you will use for categorizing your entries.


  • New - to add a new category value
  • Edit - to change a category value
  • Del - to delete a category value
  • Sort - will sort the category values in ascending order, tapping the sort a second time will sort the category values in descending order
  • Up/Down - to move a category value up or down in the list
  • Done - to return to the previous screen
Enter Categories

Use the menus to set the pen color, erase the Digital Ink field, change to another screen (where available) or view the help screens.

To erase part of the ink field change the pen color to the background color.

You access the category view and add/edit functions from the menus.

Options Menu

Cost: FREE