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PassSV2 (4.0) Online Manual

2002-03 by Bruce Richards

This is PassSV2 PassSV is a password record keeping application for Palm OS. This application is shareware.

PassSV has the ability to store categories to filter and display the records.

Each record can store notes if desired.

Each screen can display a help screen by selecting the Menu silkscreen button.

Version History:

Version 4.0 adds the following new features: Database encryption. New Category editor. Ability to set alternating row color to user's specified choice. Export to Memo pad. Palm OS 5 compatible.


Hotsync the PassSV Installer.prc file to your PDA.

You will see an icon called InstPass in the PDABruce category.

Select this icon to install and launch PassSV. Several files will be extracted from the archive and the archive will delete itself.

PassSV will automatically run once the installer has completed.

When you exit the program you will see the PassSV program icon.

Prior to installing

After installing

The fisrt screen that appears is the Welcome screen.

Select the Continue button and the password dialog box will appear. When you run the program the first time the password is blank so just press the "OK" button to start using the program.

Enter Password

To change the startup password, select "Chg Password" from the Options menu of this screen. You can change the password any time you like.

Warning: Do not forget your password. It is impossible to retrieve if you forget it. If you forget your password you will have to delete the program from your handheld and reload it. All of your data will be lost.

Change Password

After you enter a valid password the View All screen appears.

Select the down arrow of the Filter field in the menu bar to select the category to display for. Only the records for that category will appear in the table.


  • Filter down arrow - to select the category to display for
  • Enter Items - to add/edit records
  • Categories - to add/edit/display categories
You can change the color scheme by selecting Themes from the menu of this screen and choosing from the colors available. You can also choose to have no color scheme. Select Set Row Color to change the alternating line colors.

Changing color scheme will take you back to the Welcome screen.

View All


The Edit Items screen is where you enter your records.

Before entering any records you need to set up categories.

Select Cat to add/edit your categories. (see below)

Once you have the categories entered, return to this screen and start entering your records.

Tap the New button and fill out the screen.

The Site/What field is where you enter a description of what this record represents. Examples: Hotmail, Bank of America, etc.

Select the Down Arrow in the Category field to select the pay ending date.

For the User Name, enter the login ID you use.

For the Password, enter the password or PIN number.

Tap in the Created field and select the date you created this account.

Optionally add a note to the record.


  • New - to create a new record
  • |< - to view first record
  • < - to view previous record
  • > - to view the next record
  • >| - to view the last record
  • Del - to delete the current record
  • All - to display all records
  • Cat - to add/edit categories
Edit Items

The Enter Categories screen allows you to add/edit values you will use for categorizing your entries.


  • New - to add a new category value
  • Edit - to change a category value
  • Del - to delete a category value
  • Sort - will sort the category values in ascending order, tapping the sort a second time will sort the category values in descending order
  • Up/Down - to move a category value up or down in the list
  • Done - to return to the previous screen
Enter Categories

Cost: FREE