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Serial Tracker (2.0) Online Manual

© 2002-03 by Bruce Richards

Click image to download a demo Serial Tracker enables you to track serial numbers and registration codes on a Palm OS PDA. Designed to keep track of software, hardware and any other items that contain serial numbers and/or registration codes. Can be used to keep track of items for insurance purposes.

View the items by category and see total by category.

Each record can store notes if desired.


Version History:

Version 2.0 adds the following new features: Palm OS 5 fix to correctly total number of items on View All screen. Added new theme color. Added alternate row color to View All screen (user selectable).

Released 12/26/02


Hotsync the Serial Installer.prc file to your PDA.

You will see an icon called InstSerTk in the PDABruce category.

Select this icon to install and launch Serial Tracker. Several files will be extracted from the archive and the archive will delete itself.

Serial Tracker will automatically run once the installer has completed.

When you exit the program you will see the Serial Tracker program icon.

Prior to installing

After installing

When you start Serial Tracker for the first time a 30-Day Trial screen appears. Once you register the product this screen will no longer show.
The first screen that appears is the View All screen.

Select Enter Items from the menu or the Add/Edit button to add/edit enter a new item.

Select Categories to add/edit category titles used for filtering. Once you have some transactions entered they will display on this screen.

Select a transaction in the list to edit/delete the entry.

View All

Filtered View

The Add/Edit screen is where you enter your records.

Before entering any records you need to set up categories and your sent items list.

Select Cats to add/edit your categories. (see below)

Once you have the categories entered, return to this screen and start entering your records.

Tap the New button and fill out the screen.

The Desc field is where you enter a description of what this item is for.

The Serial Number field is where you enter the serial number for this item.

The Registration Number field is where you enter the registration number for this item.

Select the Down Arrow in the Category field to select a category. These items must be previously set up.

Enter notes if you choose by tapping the Note button to bring up the Note Editor.


  • |< - to view first record
  • < - to view previous record
  • New - to create a new record
  • > - to view the next record
  • >| - to view the last record
  • Del - to delete the current record
  • All - to display all records
  • Cat - to add/edit categories

You can delete the entire database by selecting Delete All from the Options menu of this screen.

You can export the database to the Memo Pad application by selecting Export Memo from the Options menu of this screen.

Add/Edit screen

Note Editor

Menu View

The Enter Categories screen allows you to add/edit values you will use for categorizing your entries.


  • New - to add a new category value
  • Edit - to change a category value
  • Del - to delete a category value
  • Sort - will sort the category values in ascending order, tapping the sort a second time will sort the category values in descending order
  • Up/Down - to move a category value up or down in the list
  • Done - to return to the previous screen
Enter Categories

Cost: FREE