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VacTrack (3.5) Online Manual

© 2002-03 by Bruce Richards

Click image to download a demo VacTrack is an application that will allow you to track the time you take off from work on the Palm OS.

VacTrack will allow you to create time off types for filtering so you can get a total number of hours and days that have been taken.




Version History:

Version 3.5 Added another Theme color. Added alternating Row color. Added new Type editor. Now updates totals automatically when adding new records.

Version 3.0 Color themes added. Ability to sort the database in ascending or descending order. Ability to delete the database to start a new year. New features are accessed via the menus.

Version 2.0 Help screens are available for each screen. To access them tap the silkscreen menu icon or the title bar.


Hotsync the VacTrack Installer.prc file to your PDA.

You will see an icon called InstVacTk in the PDABruce category.

Select this icon to install and launch VacTrack. Several files will be extracted from the archive and the archive will delete itself.

VacTrack will automatically run once the installer has completed.

When you exit the program you will see the VacTrack program icon.

Prior to installing

After installing

When you start VacTrack for the first time a 30-Day Trial screen appears. Once you register the product this screen will no longer show.
The first screen that appears is the View All screen.

All entries will display when you first launch the application. Select from the filter dropdown list to see only specific entries.

Tap the ReCalc button to display the total hours and number of days off for the data in the list box.

Number of days will be calculated as total hours divided by 8.

Tap the Enter Time button to add a new entry.

Select one of the entries in the list box to view/edit the entry.

Once you set a filter your choice is remembered the next time you return to this screen. you can tap the ReCalc button anytime to be sure you are viewing current totals.

View All Screen

View Filtered Screen

The Add/Edit screen allows you to edit existing records, create new records or delete records.

Before entering any data, please add some time off filtering types by tapping the Menu and select Types.

Select the date for this record from the standard date popup.

Select a time off type from the dropdown list box.

Enter the number of hours taken for this time off record.

Optionally you can add a reason in the text area provided.


  • |< - to view the first entry
  • < - to view the previous entry
  • New - to create a new entry
  • > - to view the next entry
  • >| - to view the last entry
  • Del - to delete the current entry
  • All - to display all entries

From the Options menu of this screen you can select to delete the database of all entries. This would be useful for starting a new year.

The database can be re-sorted by selecting Sort Ascend or Sort Descend from the Options menu.

Add/Edit Screen

Menu View

The Enter Types screen allows you to add/edit and delete category types used for sorting.


  • New - to add a new type
  • Edit - to change a type
  • Del - to delete a type
  • Sort - will sort the types in ascending order, tapping the sort a second time will sort the types in descending order
  • Up/Down - to move a type up or down in the list
  • Done - to return to the add/edit item screen
Type Editor

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