PDABruce.com - Tracking software for Palm® OS

Golf Track enables you to track your golf scores, money spent and keep a course directory on your Palm OS PDA. Scores and costs can be displayed by course.

:: Features ::
  • Store 9 or 18 hole rounds
  • Enter strokes per hole, putts per round
  • Optional note field
  • Maintain a course list
  • Track costs for rounds
  • Track equipment costs by entering Equipment as a course
  • View costs by course or total
  • Color themes
  • Purge rounds
  • Reports available on the desktop
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Version 3.5 (04/06/03):

  • Added alternating row colors (user selectable)
  • Score database now defaults to reverse sort by date
  • Added additional theme color

Version 3.0 (12/15/02):

  • Added stroke database
  • Course file updated to store cost and par values
  • Round file updated to store hole-by-hole totals and over/under par totals
  • New pop-up note editor
  • Palm OS 5 compatible

Version 2.0 (7/02/02):

  • Color themes
  • Sort score database in ascending or descending order
  • Delete the score database
  • Sort course database
  • Scroll bar added to notes fields

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