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Movie Tracker is an application to keep track of the movies you own or have rented on your PDA. Keep a list at your fingertips while shopping for new movies or while you are renting movies. Totals for all or by genre.

:: Features ::
  • View by title
  • View by genre
  • View by format
  • Track costs
  • Optionally enter notes
  • Export to Notepad
  • Search by title
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Version 3.5 (04/22/03)

  • Added Search function

Version 3.0 (03/30/03)

  • Added Format file
  • Added Numeric pop-up editor
  • Added View by Format screen
  • Added View by Acquired screen
  • Added New Theme color

Version 2.0 (03/25/03)

  • Palm OS 5 bug fix

Released 12/29/02

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Cost: FREE