PDABruce.com - Tracking software for Palm® OS

Rebate Tracker is an application to track sent and received rebates. Totals for all rebates sent, rebates sent and not yet received and total amount of rebates received.

:: Features ::
  • Track rebates status
  • Categorize rebates
  • Totals for all and received rebates
  • Totals by category for all and received rebates
  • Optional notes (useful to store where and how rebate was sent)
  • View the rebates by category in date sequence
  • Color themes
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Version 3.0 (07/14/03):

  • Added new Theme color
  • Added alternate row color user selectable
  • Database now sorted in reverse date order
  • Added sort ascending/descending options

Version 2.0 (12/03/02):

  • New file to store items sent with rebate
  • New drop down lists to select up to 4 items sent
  • Added pop-up note editor
  • New Category editor

Version 1.1 (11/13/02):

  • Color themes
  • Sort the database
  • Purge received rebates
  • Delete all rebates
  • Export to Memo Pad

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