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SLedger is a simple ledger program. SLedger is designed to keep track of money. Enter debits (deposits) and expenses (spending) to keep a running balance. You can define multiple accounts for tracking cash, checking, savings, etc. You can get a total balance for all accounts or one particular account on the view all screen. Enter optional notes for each transaction.

Input is simple and straightforward. Enter your debits (as positive values), enter your expenses (as negative values).

:: Features ::
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Version 4.0 (10/09/04):

  • You can now edit from the popup list boxes
  • Replaced Palm calculator call with internal calculator
  • Calculator result now automatically returned to amount field
  • View All screen now displays amounts right aligned

Version 3.5 (04/08/03):

  • Entries are now added to the database in reverse order (lastest date first)
  • Added new color theme
  • Added alternating row colors to the View All screen (user selectable)
  • Added Copy/Paste functions to Add/Edit screen Edit Menu

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