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STime is an application to store a record of your daily work hours. By entering pay period ending dates, you can view the records by pay ending date to give you the total number of hours worked. You can also enter your hourly rate and it will calculate the gross pay for the pay period.
:: Features ::
  • Simple timecard input
  • Use preferences or not
  • Multiple pay periods
  • Multiple pay rates
  • Multiple pay types
  • Gross calculated for each timecard
  • Lunch/Break minutes supported
  • Handles working past midnight
  • Totals by pay period or all
  • View by pay period
  • Color themes
  • Reports available on the desktop
  • Export to Memo Pad
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This program calculates the gross pay for each timecard entry. So if you work shift work or not this will work for. You enter your rate of pay on each timecard. When viewing for a pay period your total hours and gross pay will be totaled for the period.

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Version 5.1 (07/04/03):

  • Updated libraries being used

Version 5.1 (12/07/03):

  • Option to use preferences or not

Version 5.0 (10/06/03):

  • You can now store default values for start/end time, pay rate, pay type and break minutes
  • Additional theme color
  • Easier editing of rates, break minutes and pay types by tapping on field labels

Version 4.2 (03/01/03):

  • Added Pay Type to export to Memo pad
  • Added user selectable row color for View All table
  • Now defaults to sort the database in descending order (newest date first)

Version 4.1 (12/31/02):

  • Pay types are now stored in a file
  • Select pay types from a drop down listbox
  • New installer program

Note: A new installer program is being used to extract files to the device after it is hotsynced. If you experience any problems with the installer or using the program after running the installer, please let support@pdabruce.com know about it. See the Readme.txt file in the archive.

Version 4.0 (11/26/02):

  • Lunch (break) minutes are now stored in a file
  • Pay rates are now stored in a file
  • Select lunch (break) minutes from a drop down listbox
  • Select pay rates from a drop down listbox
  • Calculations are automatic as you change rates/lunch values
  • Reverse sort time card database
  • Reverse sort rates
  • Reverse sort lunch (break) minutes
  • Palm OS 5 compatible

Version 3.2 (10/07/02):

  • Purge database entries older than 30-days
  • Purge database records older than 60-days
  • Export database to Memo pad
  • When adding new record rate from previous record now carried over
  • When changing views on the View All screen will now recalculate the totals automatically without having to tap the [ReCalc] button
The first three new features above are accessed from the Options menu of the Add/Edit Timecard screen.

Version 3.0 (07/02/02):

  • Color themes
  • Sort timecard database in ascending or descending order
  • Delete timecard database
  • Sort pay date database in ascending or descending order
  • Delete pay date database
  • Filter and rate holding on the View All screen

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