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My Reminder is an application to store handwritten notes. You can set reminders (alarms) for the notes. You can store notes by category and give each note a title.

:: Features ::
  • Create handwritten notes
  • Set alarms
  • Complete checkbox
  • Categorize notes
  • Color themes
  • Beam currently viewed record to another PDA running My Reminder
  • Reports available on the desktop
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Version 4.0 (03/24/03):

  • Now fully OS 5 compatible
  • New pen width options from menu
  • Flood fill drawing background
  • New category editor
  • Alternating row colors on View All screen (user selectable)

Version 3.0 (07/02/02):

  • Color themes
  • Sort the database in ascending or descending order
  • Beam current record

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